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propertybull.com initially known with Jaipurpropertyclub.com founded in 2007, now holding its presence with the name of propertybull.com. In 2018, propertybull.com launched with a mission to change the way people buy and rent property.propertybull.com is a online portal building the modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the property search and sell experience intelligent and seamless by just one click sitting at home. propertybull.com we believe that when it comes to finding a home what's outside the front door is just as important as what is behind it. That's why we go beyond the typical listings, by sourcing insights straight from locals and offering plenty of property buying options. With unique property search platform that filled the gaps left by others in the market we are poised to become the most trusted place to sell and buy property in Rajasthan. We want to be the first choice for our consumers and partners in their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling a property. If you wish to buy any property all you have to do is to apply filters in property search at propertybull.com and visit only those preferred properties. If you wish to make property investment in Rajasthan, we present detailed information of various properties on sale, upcoming projects by renowned builders, budget residential apartments and commercial spaces. propertybull.com highly experienced agents provide a full service and are dedicated to achieving the very best results.


Real estate is considerate of open plots, buildings or farming areas. In the contemporary times, the media and consumers do recognize it as a factor of commercial property, residential property, industrial purposes or farm purposes. They can be availed on rent, lease or ownership basis. The property is stacking up lot of developments and ventures. propertybull.com is one of the easiest way to source properties in good and well developed areas of Rajasthan.


Here are few benefits of using propertybull.com for your  perfect property 


1. Without wandering from pillar to post, propertybull.com will gives you enormous options of property within the area range selected.

2.  Superior support and right descriptions with the checklist of amenities (if any) are being offered.  propertbull.com have reduced the efforts, hassles by elim inating the risk of any suspicious middlemen in property buying or selling.

3.  Individually it would be difficult to acquire Home according to class, geographical areas or properties that could yield good returns, propertybull.com can make it quite simple and easy.

4.  When the world is quietly becoming depended on the internet, you can quickly post your property ads without any major investments and get right calls from the buyers.




propertybull.com seeks to be your real estate advisors as well as property managers and not real estate brokers. Our aim is to bring transparency and trust in all our transactions. We look forward to facilitate our clients with the best options in property well within your budget. Our services specifically include Buying and Selling Properties, Renting out. Buying a property can be a mix of experiences – frustrating, confusing, satisfying as well as freeing. We at propertybull.com choose to make property buying experience a pleasant one with our easy to access services right from the point of gathering information about the desired property until the time you take possession of your property.


Buying Property


With propertybull.com buying property has become so easy. Having said that, it is also true that buying property can also be very confusing and mind boggling with so many ready properties, rentals and projects underway. Here is where one needs a whole lot of information - regarding the property, its positioning, other amenities that the property and its surrounding area offers, status of the building or the property, total Sq. ft. Area, analysis of rate according to the recent market trends etc. Propertybull.com is ready to assist to you with everything and above.


  •   We assist our clients in every step in deciding to buy a property.

  •   Not only do we provide the services at your fingertips through propertybull.com, we personally look after the clients’ requirements.

  •   propertybull.com provides every detail about the property, its surrounding amenties, location, map and property photos to help you decide better.


Selling Property


If you wish to sell your property, you might be quite confused as to where to begin. propertybull.com is ready to assist you with your property sale. Our expert sales department team is comprised of certified realtors who pride themselves on serving the needs of buyers in sellers in this often very confusing real estate market. All one needs to do is register on propertybull.com and post your property details - the pictures, location and route, amenities that the property offers and the expected rate.- The clients can directly contact our team of property advisors and we would be happy to guide you on how to portray your property on the propertybull.com so that you get the maximum like-minded buyers.


 The clients can directly contact our team of property advisors and we would be happy to guide you on how to portray your property on the propertybull.com  so that you get the maximum like-minded buyers.


 Once the client lists the property on propertybull.com, they can be rest assured that our professional team would effectively market your property in multiple  listing service.

Our best marketing strategy, which is customised and suited for your individual needs and particular property, would place your property in a strong seller footing rather than just placing it on a standard marketing plan.


 Our best marketing strategy, which is customized and suited for your individual needs and particular property, would place your property in a   strong seller  footing rather than just placing it on a standard marketing plan.