Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a user agreement ("site policy") between and its user


When a user register with and accepting the terms and condition then this policy is effected from that date & time.


The information required from user is some personal information like Email id, name, address, phone no. etc. but may not limited to and some information about user requirement also. collects information form user for personalized browsing experience and this information will help us to deliver user the most relevant information that meets your requirement.


In addition to collect information from user we may track the IP address, location of a user’s computer and save some cookies (information).By changing the setting of browser user can decline the cookies.


With consent of the user we share some general information with third parties service providers but not all information.


This information shared with third party service providers so that to personalize experience and user requirements analysis and some marketing and promotional activities.


Some time we send some information, project catalogs and project banners to our user by the consent, for marketing and advertisement activities.


The user information as held with us with the at most care and security.


We are always obey the law. In case of any requirement of information of the user bye law we bound to disclose it and cooperate for any legal process.